Commissioned Works



For personal commissioned work, price is really up to you. Commissions begin at $500 and the more hours I can put into it, the larger and more awesome it will be.

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  • Please Contact me with any information that you wish to inform the work (we can work on ideas together)
  • Free shipping in the continental USA
  • Please inquire for international shipping

“While we cannot know what the synergy of our two minds might manifest, I can promise that nothing else like it exists in this world.”



“Madre Ayahuasca” – 7’x6’x3″ – reclaimed guanacaste root burl – made in Costa Rica for Soltara Healing Center



“Odin Shrine” – 29″x24″x6″ – reclaimed teak and mahogany



“Tauri” – 22.5″x23″x4″ – reclaimed poplar + sodalite sphere – anniversary gift for a Taurus couple



“Artemis” – reclaimed mahogany – made for an Aries-cusp Pisces with Taurus and Gemini sons


“Maiden-Mother-Crone” and “Lugus” – both reclaimed white oak



“Monolith” – 22″x9″x2″ – reclaimed walnut – made for Onnit CEO Aubrey Marcus



“Aries Year of the Snake” – reclaimed mahogany + steel sphere – made for Dr Richard Grossman



 “Visión Pasajero con Maestro Wiler” – reclaimed Australian jarrah wood + quartz sphere